Public Presentations on Text-Mining, AI & LegalTech

Over the years, there have been several public and private presentations on Text-Mining, LegalTech, Artificial Intelligence and related topics. Here under you can find a short overview:


June 2019: Augmented Intelligence and the Impact on Your World. Today’s technological innovations progress with exponential speed. Our society cannot keep up with this, as a result, we see more and more disruptions and discontent. In order to prevent these, we have to put a ethical, moral and legal fence around Artificial Intelligence. This is what is called Augmented Intelligence. In this presentation for Active Professionals in Rotterdam – the Netherlands, I explain where these rapid developments in AI come from, what more we to expect, what new regulations we will see before 2030 and how you can prepare. You can find the slides on Augmented Intelligence and the Impact on Your World in 2030 here.

May 2019: Text Mining for Business Intelligence: dealing with unstructured big data. May 28, 2019, I was one of the presenters at a Business Intelligence Summit where I presented the benefits of text-mining techniques for business intelligence applications.

May 2019: How can Text-Mining Leverage Recent Developments in Deep Learning?May 15, 2019, I was invited at Philips Research to present my most recent text-mining research projects from Maastricht University and ZyLAB. How does Deep Learning compare to traditional statistical and geometrical methods in text-mining? You can find the slides on Text Mining & Deep Learning here.

April 2019: How can Artificial Intelligence help on the Battlefield. April 26, 2019, I was asked to present how Artificial Intelligence could help on the Battlefield during the officers day of the 11th Airmobile Brigade (11e Luchtmobiele brigade in Dutch) of the Dutch forces [1]. The potential benefit of Artificial Intelligence on the battlefield is a very interesting, but also intriguing topic! You can find the slides here.

March 2019: Big Data Analytics for Legal Fact FindingThis eLaw presentation was done at Thursday March 14 I at café ‘t Keizertje, Kaiserstraat in Leiden. The presentation contains a brief overview of big data analytics for legal fact finding.

March 2019: Opening LegalTech Lab at the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam.

February 2019: Haagsche Hogeschool International Legal Department: Big Data Analytics for Legal Fact Finding. As part of the Haagse Hogeschool Law Program a “Legal Analytics” course was organized early 2019. ZyLAB was welcomed for a brief session on e-discovery for our international law students. Here are the slides.

April 2018: Why LegalTech has the future. Presentation (in Dutch) on the future of LegalTech at the The Hague University of Applied Sciences, International Legal Department. Slides are here.

September 2018: Big Data Congress. Text-Mining. Big Data Analytics for Unstructured Data. An overview of techniques used in text-mining and benefits for various industries (in Dutch). Slides can be found here.

May 2018: Big Data and Data Science in Court (Big Data en Data Science en de Rechtspraak – In Dutch). In 2018 hebben Prof. dr. H.J. van den Herik van het Leiden Centre of Data Science (LCDS) samen met prof dr. ir. J.C. Scholtes van de Universiteit Maastricht/ZyLAB in samenwerking met ZyLAB trainingen gegeven waarbij meerdere groepen van 20 rechters hands-on ervaring op hebben gedaan met Data Science en Big data software. De focus van de training lag op beslissingsondersteunende technologie voor de rechtspraak, waarbij gebruik gemaakt werd van ideeën en concepten uit de wereld van Big Data en Data Science. Omdat veel data van de Raad voor de Rechtspraak ongestructureerd (tekstueel) van aard is, is in een viertal sessie uitgelegd hoe de rechtspraak gebruik kan maken van dit soort technieken bij de ondersteuning van de rechtelijke macht. Slides kunnen hier gevonden worden.